"I'd starve if I ate all the lies they fed"- India.Arie.

Beets & Sweets is the healthy version of politics, popular culture, and food. We aim to counter what society and the media feed to our community. We go beyond the notion of 'you are what you eat' to emphasize that we are what we CONSUME, not only with our mouths, but with our ears, eyes, minds, and spirits.

Each one, teach one to reach one.

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Lucy: Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen

James Baldwin on the Idea of Color Blindness in America

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Do yourself a favor and watch this amazing interview with Saul Williams. 

A few highlights for us:

  • We are what we eat. Not just in terms of food, but what we watch, read, listen to, etc. “If your diet is strip clubs, then of course, all you’re going to rhyme about are strip clubs. Change your diet, and watch how it affects your artistry.” 
  • "We need to find ways to get beyond the dog-eat-dog ways of thinking. Like Jay[-Z] said, ‘I couldn’t help the poor if I was one of them.’ Thank God Harriet Tubman didn’t think that way.” 
  • "You need to be one with the people to be a revolutionary. You don’t need money to win. You need a heart, you need a soul to feel connected to the universe….We have misconstrued the meaning of winning.”
  • "I take every opportunity that I sit in front of a microphone to speak truth to power. That’s what’s important to me, you know what I’m saying. Not the paycheck.”


The Samurai Sisters by XPayne

when is this cartoon coming out?! someone get on this stat!!



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Spike Lee Edits Footage of Black Man’s Death at Hands of Staten Island Police w/ Radio Raheem Scene from ‘Do The Right Thing

Hidden Colors 3 is now available! Have you seen it yet? We think that the film covers a lot of ground yet still does a great job bridging historical injustices and present-day issues together. The film even offers SOLUTIONS to these problems, such as having more black male teachers teaching our children and providing competitive services in the marketplace. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

The Black Entrepreneur Trying to End Startup Racism Is Almost Out of Cash

"We might have to choose our fights, and decide that it’s not to be called black crowdfunding,” she says. “It could be called crowdfunding; it could be called successful crowdfunding. I don’t care. Something else other than black.”

Sweets: That last line breaks my heart. Support at least one black business, family. Our livelihood depends on us circulating black dollars within our OWN community. I pray that we collectively realize this before it is too late….

Howard Professor Sets Pharrell Straight on His 'New Black' Theory - Atlanta Blackstar


African Pinups by MUTI

MUTI is a creative studio based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.